Costco Champagne | Kirkland Signature Brut Review

Costco Champagne | Kirkland Signature Brut Review

Costco Champagne

If this is you’re very first visit to The Fermented Fruit then welcome and thanks for visiting! I hope you come back and visit often. If you’re one of my totally incredible regular readers though, then you probably know just how much I love sparkling wine, especially Champagne!

Despite my profound love of Champagne, I can’t bring myself to regularly spend upwards of $40 on a bottle of bubbly; hence why I drink wines like the La Marca Prosecco, Lunetta Prosecco and Roederer Estate Brut more often. But sometimes you just want to drink real Champagne so today we’re tasting an affordable option that blends both my love of Costco and Champagne: The Kirkland Signature Brut, otherwise known as Costco Champagne!

Have you seen my Costco Wine Guide with prices and top selections?

Costco Champagne

Appearance: Straw yellow with a persistent medium bead

Nose: Perfumed, focused and bright with apple, citrus and toasted baked bread.

On the palate: Medium to full bodied, a honeyed richness makes way to notes of toasted brioche, hazelnut and ginger. It finishes lively yet creamy with a hint of orange zest and spice.

Varietal Composition: 50 % Pinot Noir, 35% Pinot Meunier and 15% Chardonnay

Vintage: Non-Vintage

Origin: Vineyards located in Verzenay and Sezanne in Champagne, France

Value Rating:  5 / 5     

Where I got it: Costco in Arlington, Virginia

Price: $19.99

Score: 92

Should you buy? Yes! Costco Champagne is unbelievably good for the money!

Costco Champagne

Value Proposition – Costco Champagne | Kirkland Signature Brut Review

I must admit that I had tried the Costco Champagne a while back and it was not quite this good. It was still a pretty decent bottle for the money, but this lot of Costco Champagne is simply incredible for being under $20! With the holidays quickly approaching, I have been hunting for great sparklers that can be drunk with wreckless abandon that won’t also wreck your entire holiday budget and this definitely fits the bill.

If you’re wondering how Costco Champagne, at under $20, can really be this good then allow me to let you in on the wonders of buying wine at Costco. Costco has struck a deal directly with Manuel Janisson of Janisson & Fils, a well-respected Champagne house producing distinctive wines in the Grand Cru villages of Verzenay and Sezanne. He leverages his experience and contacts to source grapes from top vineyards in Champagne at incredible prices.

Costco Champagne is produced in the traditional and labor intensive ‘Champagne Method’ whereby it undergoes it’s secondary fermentation in the bottle. In addition and surely adding to the Costco Champagne’s depth and complexity, it is aged on the less for three years before disgorgement. The result is Costco Champagne for less than half the price of the ubiquitous Veuve Clicquot.

So go ahead and try a bottle of Costco Champagne! If you’re concerned that your guests will be put off by the label, either cover the label (as is tradition anyway) with a cloth or napkin or pour the wine before serving them. Think of how much fun it could be challenging your guests to guess which great Champagne producer they are sampling today?

Costco Champagne

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10 thoughts on “Costco Champagne | Kirkland Signature Brut Review

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  8. bill stratton

    hello. do you have in the Billings store? inventory of Costco champagne brut on hand? we bought a test sampling and find it very much to our liking

  9. Fantasys

    Don t worry Costco has you covered here with the aforementioned, and recently reviewed, Kirkland Prosecco for only $7. Go to Total Wine and try to find a DOCG band on the neck of any of their bottles for under $10. It doesn t exist. This is surprisingly good bubbly for the price.


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