Blogs Worth A Sip

As much as I greatly appreciate your being a loyal reader of TheFermentedFruit, there are many other great wine blogs out there worth following.

The following are some of my favorites wine blogs, listed alphabetically, that I enjoy reading when I’m not busy sipping and blogging myself:

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12 thoughts on “Blogs Worth A Sip

  1. Melissa

    Hello Do you have a mailing list? I’ve enjoyed reading your reviews and informative articles.. If you please add my email. Thanks and happy sipping! Melissa

    1. The Fermented Fruit Post author

      Hi Melissa,

      I do have a mailing list! I will add your e-mail. I typically send out a new post once a week, so if you don’t hear from me please check your SPAM folder. Thanks for reading!


  2. Terri

    Adam Japco has a great love of wine as well…you might enjoy his website –
    I attended a bloggers conference in ATL a few years ago and he gave us all (150 or so!) a few of his favorite glasses to savor.
    Will enjoy learning more from you as well! Salute!


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