Where To Buy Wine

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is, “Where do you buy your wine?” This is an incredibly important question and it was about time I put an answer in writing!

Whether you’re a regular wine drinker or a special occasion wine drinker, the question of where to buy your wine can be a tough one, especially if you want great selection paired with great prices. Wouldn’t it be ideal for all wine drinkers up and down the nation if they had the opportunity to set their own price for a bottle of wine? Well, that’s what you can do at places like GraysOnline Wine, who offers the chance for you to auction for some of your most-loved drinks for a price that suits you. What could be better? But you might be surprised just how much wine prices and breadth of selection can vary.

But fortunately the wine buying landscape has changed for the better and has almost become exciting. With more and more people choosing to buy wine online due to the proliferation of the internet wine retailers, flash sale websites and big box wholesale spaces, your options are far more varied than they were merely ten years ago. The following are my favorite options for where to buy wine:

Where To Buy Wine

Last Bottle | A Well-Connected Napa Based Wine Wholesaler – Where To Buy Wine

Think of Last Bottle as being similar to Wines Til Sold Out, but with a slightly more upscale twist. Based in Napa Valley, the owners of Last Bottle are self-described wine drinkers, collectors and damn fine tasters. They leverage their extensive industry relationships to source all sorts of mouth watering deals, with especially great finds coming out of Napa Valley. The prices are usually quite good, although not always as compelling as WTSO.

What also makes Last Bottle fun is that if you happen to be the lucky guy or gal to purchase the “Last Bottle”, you receive a credit of $50 in your account to use towards future Last Bottle purchases. With that being said, I have purchased a healthy amount of wine from Last Bottle and have yet to purchase the last bottle! Additionally, refrigerated ground shipping is free with a reasonable minimum purchase. I definitely recommend that you check out Last Bottle. To get an account credit just for signing up, click here!

Where to Buy Wine

Trader Joe’s | No Longer Just ‘2 Buck Chuck’ – Where To Buy Wine

Though the ever popular grocer built it’s reputation as a prominent wine retailer by exclusively selling the famously inexpensive Charles Shaw wine brand, there are far more reasons to shop here than just the ‘2 Buck Chuck’. Though the selections still focus on value-oriented offerings, there is a great deal of interesting wine to choose from. If you’re looking for a good wine and you’re on a budget, Trader Joe’s is hard to beat. Check out my Guide to Trader Joe’s Wine Prices with Top Recommended Wines!

Where To Buy Wine

Wines Til Sold Out (WTSO) | The First Online Wholesaler – Where To Buy Wine

Wines Til Sold Out is one of my favorite places to buy wine. This no-frills online approach to wine buying features one wine at a time, discounted from 30% to 70% off of retail, until it’s sold out. The prices are tough to beat and if you buy the minimum (usually 3 to 4 bottles) there is no shipping cost!

They pioneered the now popular online wine wholesaler/flash sale space and are still leading the pack with a loyal following, tremendous pricing power and first rate customer service. I buy quite a bit of my wine from WTSO and it keeps me drinking well and enjoying wine for less!

Where To Buy Wine

Costco | Big Brands, Costco Prices – Where To Buy Wine

Costco has become the number one retailer of wine, worldwide, and the reasons become clear after just one visit. With a great selection of highly commercial wines as well as constantly changing under-the-radar gems, Costco has become a favorite when the question of where to buy wine arises. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Costco has a self-imposed restriction on their profit margins (~13%) for each product they sell!

Oh and don’t miss the Kirkland Signature wines either! From a $4 Costco Pinot Grigio to a $1,400 bottle of Chateau Latour, Costco has something for everyone. For more check out my posts on Shopping for Wine at Costco and my Guide to Costco Wine Prices and Top Recommended Wines.

Where to Buy Wine

Wine Library/Cinderella Wine | Brick and Mortar & Online Power-Retailer – Where To Buy Wine

If you’ve heard of The Wine Library, it probably has something to do with their affiliation with Gary Vaynerchuck. Gary Vaynerchuck has become somewhat of a social media/branding powerhouse. It was he who transformed his father’s Springfield, NJ liquor store into the mega wine-retailer it is today, in part through his popular Wine Library TV podcasts.

While Gary has moved on to focus his energies on his consulting project VaynerMedia, Wine Library has continued to grow and be a great source for top-flight wine at great prices, like the Domaine Lafage Cuvee Nicolas pictured above. They also have a great website for online shopping as well.

Cinderella Wine is an arm of Wine Library, and is much like WTSO and Last Bottle in that it features one bottle or wine assortment at a time, at a heavily discounted price with free shipping. I have picked up some great finds at incredible prices on the Cinderella Wine website and it is worth following.

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