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Starbucks Evenings? | Starbucks Wine Is Here!

Starbucks Evenings? | Starbucks Wine Selections Are Here! | Starbucks Food & Alcohol Menu

Starbucks Wine

It seems that Starbucks is no longer satisfied capitalizing one just one of my two biggest vices: Starbucks Coffee. As if my penchant for iced quadruple espressos and chai lattes wasn’t hard enough to resist with a Starbucks on almost every block, now they intend to lure me and millions of other customers in with Starbucks wine and craft beer selections as part of their new Starbucks ‘Evenings’ program. Yes, Starbucks is serving alcohol so get your cheap fake IDs at the ready!

Starbucks has keenly identified that many of their customers who love specialty coffee also love wine (internal data revealed that 70% of their customers drink enjoy drinking wine). Beginning after 4 pm in select locations, their new Starbucks Evenings offerings will not only serve to boost revenues for Starbucks when their stores are typically much slower, but will also allow wine and beer lovers the chance to wind down and relax while enjoying small plates and a glass of Starbucks wine or craft beer.

Now if you’re anything like me, you have a lot of questions regarding which wines will be available, how much they will cost, and which locations will have the ‘Evenings’ menu, etc. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Starbucks Evenings, Starbucks Serving Alcohol and Starbucks wine selections and prices!

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