Louise d’ Estree Brut Review | Trader Joe’s Wine

Louise d’ Estree Brut Review | Trader Joe’s Wine

Louise d' Estree Brut

So I’m back in the Trader Joe’s Wine Section looking for another solid sparkling wine bargain after having some success with the La Granja 360 Cava I discovered a few weeks ago. For only $1 more I spotted the rather regal-looking Louise d’ Estree Brut and wondered if it might be another great Trader Joe’s Wine discovery.

The Louise d’ Estree is not Champagne but rather a French sparkling wine. I’ve has some pretty tasty French sparklers from outside of the far pricier Champagne region before so I thought I’d investigate whether the Louise d’ Estree is as royally good as it’s label seems to suggest!

Louise d' Estree Brut

Appearance: A very pale yellow with good effervescence and tiny bubbles.

Nose: Uncomplicated, pure aromas of green apple and pear with just a touch of lemon.

On the palate: The Louise d’ Estree Brut is defined by sweet orchard fruit and notes of lemon rind on the mid-palate. It finishes dry with some alcohol coming through on the somewhat unbalanced, short finish. It’s a simple, quaffable sparkler with no discernible secondary flavors.

Varietal Composition: Unknown

Vintage: Non-Vintage

Origin: France

Value Rating:  3.5 / 5

Where I got it: Trader Joe’s (Clarendon, VA)

Price: $7.99

Score: 84

Should you buy? ~Maybe~ The Louise d’ Estree Brut is an uncomplicated, easy to drink sparkler with an enjoyable mid-palate but the unbalanced finish leaves a little something to be desired. Consider it along with other options in the Trader Joe’s Wine Section.

Louise d' Estree Brut

Value Proposition – Louise d’ Estree Brut | Trader Joe’s Wine

While the Louise d’ Estree boasts both tiny bubbles and a tiny price, I don’t think it’s as good as the regal-looking label might suggest. If you need a no-nonsense sparkler with fancy, French label under $10, then this is definitely a pretty good option. It would make a great base for Mimosa’s or Bellini’s, too. Having said that, I would rather spend even less and get the La Granja 360 Cava as it is a slightly better made, more interesting sparkler.

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4 thoughts on “Louise d’ Estree Brut Review | Trader Joe’s Wine

  1. steve spence

    The L.E. brut is an excellent bubbly. Of course it’s not champagne — the grapes don’t come from there, so it’s method champaignoise. And neither is the excellent American, Chandon, a champagne, but that’s how everyone thinks of it.

    This is a brut without the extreme dryness and sharp acidity found in the “best” champagnes. In my book, if you don’t have something to eat with those dry ones, it’s murder.

    So Louise is a very good deal for eight bucks.

    1. The Fermented Fruit Post author


      It’s a pretty decent sparkler for the modest price tag.

      I’m personally a big fan of the dryer, higher acid wines that you often see out of Champagne. With some bottle age they will integrate and mellow a bit and agree that they can be harsh for some when not enjoyed with food.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ellen McGregor

    WOW, what a sparkling surprise. My fussy taste buds just loved the smooth dryness. This bottle was a gift which I will definitely be replacing and gifting to friends.


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