Vinebox Revealed | Wines of the World, One Glass at a Time

Vinebox Revealed | Wines of the World, One Glass at a Time


What is Vinebox?

Vinebox is an exciting, innovative new startup that endeavors to quell one of the greatest concerns wine buyers have when taking a chance on a new bottle of wine: What to do if you purchase a wine and get home only to discover that you don’t like it! Vinebox affords wine lovers the opportunity to sample quality wines by the glass without committing to an entire bottle.

I receive requests almost weekly from startups who want me to write about and share their products or services, but out of respect for my readers and why I began this blog I politely decline. I only wish to share wines and wine-related products/services that I truly feel merit your attention, and Vinebox is one that absolutely caught mine.


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What Comes in a Vinebox?

Each Vinebox shipment contains three glass vials , each containing 10 cL, or approximately 3.4 oz. of wine. The vials not only maintain the winery’s distinct logo, but they are capable of keeping the wine inside it fresh for up to three years. For sake of comparison, a standard glass of wine measures 5 oz, so you could consider these generous tasting pours or small glasses of wine.

Accompanying each wine is an information card detailing:

  • What the wine is composed of
  • Where it was produced
  • What you can expect it to taste like
  • Suggestions for pairing with food
  • A fun fact about the producer

One Vial of Wine Poured in a Standard Wine Glass

Which Wines Came in My Vinebox, and How Were They?

  1. La Dame Blanche 2014: Sauvignon Blanc from the Bordeaux region of France that retails for ~$20 per bottle | Light and crisp with lime citrus and grass notes enlivened by tangy acidity. Pleasant and quaffable.
  2. Chateau Suau 2009: A blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc from Bordeaux that retails for ~$16 per bottle | Soft and plush in its delivery of baked black plum and cassis flavors interlaced with underbrush, cedar and spice. Very drinkable, but not memorable.
  3. Castelmaure “Cuvee No. 3”: A blend of Grenache, Carignan, Syrah, Cinsault and Mourvedre from the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France that retails for ~$20 per bottle | Aromas of vivid red and black fruit are underscored by thyme, licorice, smoke and white pepper nuances. A bold, complex overachiever that’s sure to be popular.

Will I Receive The Same Wines In My Vinebox?

You will not receive the same wines, as each months shipment brings a new assortment of wines handpicked by Vinebox’s team of sommeliers. They prides themselves on curating quality wines from boutique wineries that you are unlikely to experience by making a trip to the Costco Wine Section or Trader Joe’s Wine Section.

How Much Does Vinebox Cost?

A Vinebox membership costs $35 per month, but if you pay upfront for 3 months the price drops to $33 per month. Elect to pay for a year upfront and you get the equivalent of 2 months free bringing your final cost down to $30 per month.

Can I Give Vinebox as a Gift?

Yes, you can give a 1 month or 3 month Vinebox subscription as a give. Vinebox will also give you the option of turning off auto-renewal so that it is just a one-time gift and you will not incur any additional membership charges.

What if I Want To Skip a Month or Cancel Completely?

Vinebox is proud of their no-commitment policy, allowing customers to skip a month or cancel whenever necessary.

What’s My Verdict?

Vinebox conveniently provides adventurous consumers looking to expand their knowledge of wine with the opportunity to sample professionally curated wines that would otherwise require a much more significant investment to purchase individually. They are also elegantly presented in a way that makes Vinebox a nice gift for the wine-lover who already has it all.

A Special Offer Exclusively for The Fermented Fruit Readers!

Use Promo Code “FREEFRUIT” at checkout to receive free shipping on your order. I look forward to hearing about your experiences with Vinebox. Cheers!

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