Fattoria Casabianca | A Taste of Fattoria Casabianca’s Wine

Fattoria Casabianca | A Taste of Fattoria Casabianca’s Wine

Fattoria Casabianca

A few weeks ago the friendly folks at Fattoria Casabianca reached out to me and asked if I might be interested in tasting their wines. It seemed like a serendipitous coincidence as I have really been enjoying Italian wines lately, like the Amarone I recently discovered in the Trader Joe’s Wine Section. They were kind enough to send over some samples of their wines for me to taste.

The Fattoria Casabianca resort is located in Murlo, Italy, approximately two hours south of Tuscany. They offer nightly accommodations (converted from a farmhouse), tennis, swimming, dining as well as wine tastings to showcase their wines produced under their Fattoria Casabianca label.

If the Trip Advisor reviews are any indication then whatever this ostensibly charming and quaint resort lacks in flash it more than makes up for in soul. Many described it as an excellent, laid-back getaway just far enough outside of all of the hustle and bustle. Now I hope that soul translates to Fattoria Casabianca’s wines!

Fattoria Casabianca

Fattoria Casabianca Rosato 2013

Fattoria Casabianca Rosato 2013 – A rosé produced from 100% Sangiovese. It’s a very pale salmon-pink in the glass. Dry and light-bodied with notes of ripe melon, peach and orange peel. Crisp and refreshing with nice acidity.

Price: $12-14 | Score: 86

Fattoria Casabianca

Fattoria Casabianca Vermentino 2013 – Produced from 100% Vermentino. It’s straw yellow in the glass. The nose is fragrant and suggests a hint of residual sugar. Light to medium-bodied with notes of honey and tropical fruits nicely balanced by lemon. There’s just a touch of sweetness on the round and creamy palate.

Price ~$12 | Score: 87

Fattoria Casabianca

Fattoria Casabianca Cleo 2013 – Produced from 75% Vermentino and 25% Viognier. Medium-bodied with flavors of lemon curd, apricots, honeysucke, hazelnut and spice. This is impeccably balanced with and seamlessly textured. The mouthfeel is creamy and round with a streak of minerality balancing things out.

Price: $22-24 | Score: 90

Fattoria Casabianca

Fattoria Casabianca Chianti 2013 – Produced from 80% Sangiovese with the remainder a blend of Merlot, Cabernet, Canaiolo and Colorino. It is aged in concrete and in bottle for 2 months prior to release. In the glass it’s a just barely translucent shade of medium-ruby. The nose reveals earthy, slightly sour red fruit. It’s light to medium-bodied with sour cherries, pomegranate, and earth. The finish is quite drying and acidic. This is fairly young and could integrate a but but if not it would perform best with a hearty meal.

Price $9-12 | Score: 83

Fattoria Casabianca

Fattoria Casabianca Chianti Riserva 2011 – Produced from 85% Sangiovese, 5% Merlot, 5% Canaiolo and 5% Colorino and aged in French oak for 6 months. The color is a vivid medium-ruby. A pretty nose with ripe black cherry, eucalyptus, vanilla and a hint of spice. It’s medium to full-bodied with good concentration and considerably better integration than the Chianti. The palate is rich with spicy raspberry and black cherry complemented by dark chocolate and a hint of smoky cedar. Finishes dry with good refined tannin.

Price: $16-19 | Score: 90

Fattoria Casabianca

Fattoria Casabianca Chianti Riserva Belsedere 2008 – Produced from 100% Sangiovese and aged in French oak for 18 months. The color is brownish ruby-red. The nose is soft and elegant with nice aromas of burnt red fruit, eucalyptus, vanilla and leather. It’s medium to full-bodied with sour red fruit, tomato, white pepper, leather, spice and smoke. It’s more drying than the Chianti Riserva but not quite as much as the entry level Chianti.

Price: $35-38 | Score: 88

Value Proposition – The Wines of Fattoria Casabianca

I’m happy to report that as a whole Fattoria Casabianca’s wines were tasty, interesting, well-made and conveyed a sense of place. My only exception was the entry-level Chianti which I wasn’t particularly fond of. My two absolute favorites were the Fattoria Casabianca Cleo and the Fattoria Casabianca Chianti Riserva.

I would be quite happy enjoying a glass of the Cleo poolside, perhaps while basking under the Tuscan sun at Fattoria Casabianca’s resort! If that sounds like a nice getaway to you, visit Fattoria Casabianca’s website here.

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