Protocolo Wine Review | Do Affordability & Drinkability Mix?

Protocolo Wine Review | Do Affordability & Drinkability Mix?

Protocolo Wine

So let’s say you’re heading to the Wal-Mart of wine stores, Total Wine, to search for some reasonably priced wine, say under $8. After splurging at Ovid recently myself, that’s exactly what I found myself doing!

Maybe you’re throwing a party or maybe you’re just looking for something decent to pour at home without having to worry about when to drink it, how long to decant it or how you’re going to pay off your hefty credit card bill after drinking it.

While there are plenty of options under $8, there aren’t nearly as many good options under $8. Today I’m evaluating the popular Protocolo Wine to determine if it offers a good combination of affordability and drinkability. Let’s see if the Protocolo Tinto 2012 by Spanish producer Dominio de Eguren is an option worth considering.

Protocolo Wine

Appearance: Medium to dark ruby

Nose: A bright, fragrant and fruity nose with vivid strawberries, black cherry and mint.

On the palate: The Protocolo Wine 2012 Tinto is medium-bodied with a smooth, creamy mid-palate boasting smoky, juicy red and dark berries. With extended exposure to air it reveals a vibrant note of abundant cool blueberries. It finishes dry with hints of toasted cedar and spice.

Varietal Composition: Tempranillo

Vintage: 2012

Origin: Castilla La Mancha, Spain

Value Rating:  5 / 5

Where I got it: Total Wine (McLean, Virginia)

Price: $7.99 (Although several retailers sell this under $6 according to Wine-searcher!)

Score: 87

Should you buy? The Protocolo Wine 2012 Tinto offers an exceptional combination of affordability and drinkability. It’s tough to find decent wine at this price point, and this makes a great table wine to enjoy with a meal. 

Protocolo Wine

Value Proposition – Protocolo Wine | Protocolo Tinto 2012

At Total Wine’s price of $8 I wouldn’t rate this a perfect value, but after discovering just how many retailers sell this for $6 it was pretty surprising to me. That’s a terrific price for the Protocolo Wine, as it has just enough fruit, focus and body to keep things interesting. While there aren’t many great options under $8, there are even less under $6! At that price, the Protocolo Wine will be on my dinner table again.

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