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Julien Miquel Interview | Meet The Man Behind Social Vignerons

Wine Blogger Julien Miquel Interview | Meet The Man Behind Social Vignerons

Julien Miquel

Photo Credit: Social Vignerons

Attending my first wine bloggers conference this past summer afforded me not only the opportunity to get acquainted with a new wine region but also to get to know some of the most influential people in the world of wine writing. Julien Miquel requires little introduction to my fellow wine bloggers, but for my non-blogging readers, he is a talented, accomplished wine blogger and a social media powerhouse.

A former winemaker in his previous life, he has made wine in Spain with Michel Rolland, at Islander Estate with Jacques Lurton, at Chateau St. Jean in Sonoma, and even the world-renowned first growth Chateau Margaux estate. Today he counts over a quarter of a million followers on Twitter and nearly fifty thousand followers on Instagram. The idea of growing his social following was not easy, but when Julien started to get instagram followers and there were people paying attention to what he had to offer, this is when he began to believe in himself a lot more and was able to build a name for himself.

Yet you would never know to meet him! At one of the wine-soaked poolside after parties, I had the opportunity to get to know the incredibly modest Julien over a glass of wine. At first quiet and reserved, he opened up as he shared his fascinating journey to becoming a wine blogger. After he reached out to interview me recently, I thought it would be great to return the favor. I’m happy to report that I got him talking again!

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