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Samples are warmly received and offer opportunities for me to taste wines I might not have otherwise experienced. Just as The Fermented Fruit was founded with a consumer based approach to wine I taste and evaluate with that same perspective in mind.

In order to truly evaluate your wine, I don’t simply taste an ounce and produce a score. I typically taste over several hours allowing the wine to evolve in the glass and for those subtle nuances to emerge.

Even if it means that you can only submit half of the wines you originally intended to I kindly request that all submissions include (2) samples of each wine to be considered for review and that all labels be clear of any defects. This makes it far easier for me to be able to determine which wine(s) I might like to write about before taking photos, etc… Thank you in advance for your understanding.

**If you would like me to visit your winery, I kindly request that the wines I taste be sent to me after my visit. I strive to maintain a certain standard by doing all of my own bottle shots and tasting notes in a controlled setting without any distractions. I appreciate your understanding and thank you in advance. 

Additionally, I do not guarantee that sending a sample will result in a review. I only share wines that I enjoy and feel represent value to my readers. That being said, I do not feel that value must be confined or limited to wines below a certain price point.

Discovering great wine at a reasonable price is what excites me. If you are interested in submitting samples or discussing advertising opportunities please e-mail me, Ryan O’Hara at Any supporting information about the wine and its story are greatly beneficial but not required. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

For more information regarding reach and mentions, please visit my About Me page. You may also view my view my Alexa ranking here.

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4 thoughts on “Sample Policy

  1. Peter Zimmer

    Hi Ryan,

    Sorry, I’m not an potential advertiser, but just want to let you know, again, how much I’m enjoying reading your blog, The Fermented Fruit.

    First, it is so informative! Second, you are a very good writer, making the information you present so easy to imbibe. Your descriptions of wines make my mouth water, while the layout makes everything so easy to navigate and is easy on the eyes.

    I look forward to reading more of your reviews and comments.

    Hugs to you, Paul and the girls,

  2. John Ingersoll

    Ryan, I recently discovered your blog and I’ll be a permanent reader from now on. I have not been a Costco member for many years but after reading your blog I visited the store closest to me and was shocked at the breadth and depth of quality wines. Same story for Trader Joe’s, although I agree with you that their approaches to curating wine are quite different.

    One wine that I didn’t see on your list of domestic red blends was Crane Family Vineyards, which happens to be a neighbor of mine in Napa. They have been selling to TJ’s for over a decade now. At their winery they have Merlot, Cab as well as the blend (Alison’s Cuvee). I’ll send you some bottles for tasting if you are interested – from the 2014 vintage. I’d also be happy to arrange for a visit if you are inclined to come up this way.

    Finally, I am starting a wine blog of my own, would be honored if you’d read my first posting.

    1. The Fermented Fruit Post author


      Thank you so much for the positive feedback and support – I truly appreciate that.

      Costco can certainly take some of the romance out of shopping for wine, but you can’t argue with the value proposition and some of the gems hidden amongst their aisles.

      Congratulations on the new blog! I really enjoyed your first post. HdV is a winery that I’ve heard of but just haven’t been able to get to yet. On your recommendation, I will change that the next time I am in town.

      I appreciate your generous offer. I’m not actually familiar with Crane Family. I will shoot you a DM.



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